So many girls think that it is all about a glamorous lifestyle when you work for an organisation like Acton escorts. I know that it may seem very glamorous from the outside looking in, but it is actually a lot of hard work. Many of the girls who work for London’s leading escort services work the night shift all of the time, and that is really hard work. Sometimes you end up feeling like you never see daylight and that can be very frustrating.

When I first started in the adult entertainment in London, I did realise that some night work would be required but I think that we are doing a lot more night work these days. I started by stripping in bar in the West End in London but was soon recruited by a central London escort agency. After having worked there for a couple of years, I went on to work for Acton escorts which is just great. I love it here and some of the central London escorts agencies can be really busy.

Also it is a bit cheaper to live in this part of London. I was lucky enough to do very well at the agency in central London and when I moved out here, I was able to get my own place. It feels really good to be able to come away from Acton escorts night shift and walk into your own home. I take a shower and then I head to bed when I feel a bit calmer. To be honest, I did not know that I would appreciate my own personal space so much as I do having bought this place.

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Things are really coming together for me here in Acton but I wish that I would not get stuck on the night shift so much. It is the main reason why I would like to move on from escorting and I am sure that many of the other girls who have had long careers in escorting feel the same way. Some of the girls who are new to escort services such as Acton escorts probably think that it is glamorous and exciting to work during the night. Give it a couple of years and they will probably feel a lot different about things.

I have no plans for the future when I leave Acton escorts but I certainly wish that I had. The girls that I work with at the agency seem to be in the same boat as me. We sit around and talk about what we would like to do. Some of the girls have got some dreams. They would like to marry one of the guys they date and stuff like that, but I am not sure that I would like to do that. There have been a couple of gents that I fancied through my escorts career, but I cannot say that I have ever told them. It is hard to know what route to take. Should you tell a gent that you fancy him? I am beginning to wish that I had told this gent in particular. But then again, I still have got his phone number in my little black book.