I have never been really good at chatting up girls, so I decided to get a dog to make the task easier. The girl that I date at https://charlotteaction.org/bethnal-green-escorts Bethnal Green escorts laughed at me first of all, but now I am pretty sure that she likes my dog more than I do. I decided to go for a retired greyhound because I rather like the look of them. Of course, they are very nice dogs but they can be a little bit fussy but that is okay.

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Like I said, my favorite escort from Bethnal Green escorts really likes my dog. This winter she has spent a small fortune on my dog buying her coats and stuff like that. Now when I take my dog out, I have to take her out wearing this silly deep pink coat with a fur collar. All of the gents really like laugh at me in the park, but the girls like it. They always come and speak to me and ask me about my dog. It is kind of funny, but I do enjoy it.

The dog has even got her own boots which is another gift from Sarah from Bethnal Green escorts. When she came around with the boots I could not believe my eyes, but they are actually rather cute. The dogs love them but I think that Sarah likes walking the dog more with her outfit on than the dogs loves her. They look very nice walking around in the park together. The only problem is that now guys are checking out my girl from Bethnal Green escort services,

Needless to say Sarah has bought the dog this really lovely basket. I had already bought her a proper dog bed, but Sarah went and bought her a basket that looks like a princess bed. It is just really silly but I think that Sarah gets a kick out of it. To be honest, I have not had the heart to tell Sarah that the dig sleeps on my bed all of the time. I even have to tuck her in under her favorite blanket and she loves to be kept nice and warm. Sometimes she even sleeps with her head on the pillow.

Has it helped me to chat up women? Yes, it has helped but I have also realised that I am really in love with Sarah from Bethnal Green escorts. If it was not for the dog, I don’t think that we would have ended up spending so much time together. It is a little bit like you have discovered another person. I did not think that I would end up with a girl who likes to wear wellies and jeans, but that is what has happened to me. I am not sure what the future is for me, Sarah and the dog, but one thing is for sure, we certainly enjoy going for walkies together. Perhaps we will start to spend more time together this year as Sarah is planning to start a new career as a dog trainer.