Some ladies I know are allergic to certain dildos made out of rubber, and they get terrible problems. A couple of the girls that I have been working with for a long time at Fulham escorts also claim that they are allergic to lubricant. They would not be the first ladies to think so, I know many ladies outside of Fulham escorts who are allergic to lubricant.

If you are allergic to lubricant, you may find that you get a rash. It is a very itchy rash with looks a little bit like hives or Prickly heat which is so common in summer. One of the girls here at Fulham escorts totally panicked when it happened to her, and rushed off to the doctor. He explained that it looked she was having a reaction to something, and asked her to try the elimination method. That means that you go through everything you use and find out what you are reacting to. My friend here at Fulham escorts thought that she was allergic to a new sex toy, but it turned out to be the lubricant instead.

The reason so many ladies, and gents, become allergic to lubricants is because many of them contain a high level of parabens. Before my friends at Fulham escorts told me about parabens, I had never heard of them. They turn out to be man-made chemicals derived from the petro chemical industry. Some of them are very dangerous, and can cause really nasty reactions. As a matter of fact, when I had a short break at Fulham escorts from the other day, I read that they can even cause skin cancer.

If you are concerned about your skin health, you should try to avoid everything with parabens in it. You will find them in things like skin care products, so it is best to aim for natural stuff. The most frightening thing is that you can also find them in food. It is believed they are behind some cases of asthma and even immune disorders. One of the girls who works for an escort agency who provide the best Fulham escorts companionship at the most affordable prices developed asthma but when she changed to an all organic diet, it went away. Her naturopath told her that she thought that parabens were behind her asthma.

I have learned a lot about natural lubricant recently, and I like to use things like natural oils. Almond oil is safe, and there are other oils that you can use as well. Since learning about parabens I know that I am not the only girl at Fulham escorts who has taken a look at her skincare routine. Now I use a lot of natural products. You may think that you have to pay a fortune but that is not really true. Check out suppliers like Avon and Yves Rocher, and you will find that they have a lot of paraben free products available. Hair shampoos without parabens are better for you as well, and you will find that your scalp will not itch after having used them.